About Me

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Matthew Hahnel is a full-time adventure and travel photographer based in Seattle, Washington. He was born and spent his first 25 years in Australia, where he caught the travel bug and visited over 25 countries. After spending 3 summers in a row traveling and hiking through the Western United States, he took an opportunity to move to Colorado and has lived in the US ever since (when he wasn't traveling, that is).

Matthew's passion for photography stemmed from his love for the outdoors. He wanted to document his adventures in a way that gave justice to the incredible things he saw . In January of 2016, he decided to focus all of his energy into turning his passion into a successful career. Since that time, he has worked with many large names in the travel and commercial markets including Amazon, Disney, REI, Lonely Planet and many more. Matthew and his photography have also been featured in numerous large publications including Men's Journal, Travel & Leisure and the The Today Show.